What is a dotmobi?  
.mobi is a top-level domain (TLD) approved by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. .mobi is unique - it is the first top level domain dedicated to delivering the internet to the mobile phone. .mobi is sponsored by a consortium of companies which includes the most prominent mobile and Internet players in the world. See All about dotmobi for more information.

How much does a .mobi domain name cost?  
Please see Cnobin's domain price list

What are the valid characters for a .mobi domain name?  
Dotmobi domain names can contain the English-language letters A through Z, and the digits 0 through 9. You can also use hyphens, but hyphens cannot begin or end your domain name. Spaces and special characters (such as !, $, &, ?, and so on) are never permitted.

Can I register a domain with non-English language characters?  
NO. Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names that are represented by English language, non-ASCII characters. The domain name is followed by the Top Level Domain (TLD), such as.mobi. An example of an IDN is: m¨¹ller.mobi. Dotmobi intends to support Internationalised Domain Names (IDN)s in the future. More Information will follow when available.

How long can a .mobi domain name be?  
The minimum length of .mobi domain name is 3 characters, and the maximum length is 63 characters (excluding the "http://www" and ".MOBI" portions).

How do I find out what domain names have been registered?  
A central database known as WHOIS tracks all domain name registrations. You can check what domain names is available by visiting: http://pc.mtld.mobi/whois/index.php

When can I transfer my domain name?  
Domains cannot be transferred from one registrar to another:

*during the 60 days after the domain was created.
*in the 60 days following a registrar-to-registrar transfer.
*If the domain is on ClientTransferProhibited status. The registrar can remove this status.
*If the domain is on ServerTransferProhibited status. The registrar cannot remove this status. The status is applied in *certain domain operations and periods, such as the Redemption Hold period.

Who is eligible to register a domain name during the General Registration period?  
Any individual or organisation who agrees to the terms and conditions of the dotmobi accredited registrar of the mTLD may register a .mobi domain name during General Registration.

What are the registration terms for domains names registered during General Registration?  
Domain names registered during General Registration must be registered for a minimum of one year, and may be registered for up to a maximum of ten years.

Who can get a .MOBI domain?  
Anyone can register a .MOBI domain, regardless of the type of business or web services you provide. While targeted for mobile device and content companies, it's a completely open domain for registrants worldwide.

There are certain rules regarding the use and display of a .MOBI domain. All .MOBI domain owners must comply with the registry Switch On! guides found here: