All prices are in U.S. Dollars
Registrar Prepayment Reseller API .com .net .org Whois Protection $599 FREE $8.54/yr $8.54/yr $7.75/yr Free
Onlinenic $699 FREE $8.09/yr $8.09/yr $8.09/yr Free
ResellerClub $2,999 FREE $8.39/yr $8.39/yr $8.39/yr Free
eNom $6,995 $1595/yr $8.50yr $8.50/yr $8.50/yr $6.00/yr
Tucows(OpenSRS) $95(non-refundable) Free $10.52/yr $8.58/yr $10.39/yr Free
Moniker $1,000 Free $8.99/yr $7.99/yr $8.02/yr $4.00/yr
All prices are listed in U.S dollar.
Plan features and pricing as of 02/09/2012
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